Becoming a Test Center

Test centers worldwide are our valued partners in the promotion, administration, and provision of Chinese proficiency exams and associated services. Their primary role is to maximize awareness and access to our exam-related services for a wide range of candidates.
I. Application Process

Organizations legally registered in various countries with substantial influence and a strong social reputation, including existing examination institutions, educational organizations, as well as other reputable social entities and companies, are eligible to apply for designation as a Chinese exam test center.

Applying organizations should have the capacity to provide the necessary facilities, equipment, and well-trained examination personnel that align with examination requirements. Furthermore, they should possess robust market development capabilities, as outlined in the test center application form.

II. Filling Out Application Forms

Overseas applicants download and fill out the "Chinese Test Overseas Test Center Application Form". If need to apply for the Internet-Based Test(At Center) , please fill out the additional "Chinese Test Overseas IBT Test Center Questionnaire" "Chinese Test Overseas IBT Test Center Questionnaire (Americas)".

Domestic applicants download and fill out the "Chinese Test Domestic Test Center Application Form". If need to apply for the Internet-Based Test(At Center) , please fill out the additional "Chinese Test Domestic IBT Test Center Questionnaire".

III. Drafting the Feasibility Implementation Report for the Chinese Test and Submitting Materials

1.The report should encompass the following elements

A concise presentation of the applicant organization's characteristics, which includes details such as its founding date, legal status, and profit orientation.

An introduction of the individual responsible for leading the organization.

A comprehensive overview of the facility and hardware setup, supported by 3-5 accompanying photographs.

Insight into the local student population, their origins, and demographic information.

A projection of the expected annual candidate numbers for the duration of the agreement's validity;

A comprehensive plan detailing how the organization intends to execute promotional activities, raise awareness, and oversee the logistics of exam administration.

2.Submission of Documentation

Include the “Chinese Test Overseas/Domestic Test Center Application Form” and the “Feasibility Implementation Report” for the Chinese exam, both duly signed and officially stamped by the authorized representative of the applying organization.

Furnish pertinent legal entity documentation or qualifications of the individual in charge.

Deliver the aforementioned documents in scanned format to CTI International for processing.

IV. Assessment and Certification

① Material and qualification review

② Assessment of the “Chinese Test Center Management Manual”

③ Training and certification of examination and testing administrators' qualifications

④ On-site inspection of the test center(checklist)

V. Signing of Agreement

Upon approval of the comprehensive application, CTI International will initiate the evaluation process and, upon successful assessment, endeavor to finalize an agreement with the applicant within one month. This agreement will formalize the collaboration, and both parties will commit to signing the “Chinese Test Service Cooperation Agreement”.

Responsibilities of Test Centers

01.Promotion and Outreach

Efficiently promote Chinese proficiency exams, actively engage individuals from diverse backgrounds, and consistently grow the candidate pool.

02.Security Measures

Assume responsibility for safeguarding the integrity and confidentiality of exam materials.

03.Certification of Test Administrators

Facilitate comprehensive training programs for examination administrators, ensuring they attain requisite certifications.

04.Implementation and Compliance

Adhere rigorously to examination guidelines, local regulations, and uphold a high standard of service for all candidates.

05.Exam Fee Management

Effectively manage the collection and disbursement of exam fees in accordance with agreed-upon fee structures.

06.Expansion Initiatives

Facilitate and endorse activities related to candidates taking Chinese exams and subsequently pursuing work or study opportunities in China. Additionally, undertake any other exam-related tasks entrusted by CTI International.

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