How to Request Additional Score Reports

To support examinees in using their Chinese proficiency test score reports as evidence of their Chinese language proficiency for various purposes such as school admissions, graduation, employment, and promotion, examinees have the option to apply for the issuance of additional score reports.

1Application fee
The production fee for additional score reports is RMB 80 per copy (excluding postage fees). CTI will send the additional score reports within 5 working days after receiving the examinee’s application and related fees.
If you opt for expedited service, an additional fee of RMB 50 per copy (excluding postage fees) is required. CTI will dispatch the additional scores within 3 working days of receiving the examinee’s application and related fees.
Examinees are responsible for covering the courier fees for sending score reports. DHL is used for international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan destinations, while SF Express is used for destinations in mainland China.
2Application Deadline and Number of Copies:
Application Period: Examinees can apply for additional score report delivery services after the test results are announced.
Number of Copies to Apply For: Each examinee can request up to 10 score reports for a single exam.
3Additional Score Report Delivery Range:
The shipping address will be based on the examinee’s provided address during the application, which may include, but is not limited to, the admissions institution, employer, relevant Chinese teaching units, other institutions, and the examinee’s personal address. In the event of unsuccessful delivery due to incorrect delivery information or changes in address, the examinee will bear the associated responsibility.
Online Application
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