Instruction on Enquiry on Result (EOR)
HSK, HSKK, BCT, YCT and other Chinese tests, aim to examine the ability of students, who are learning Chinese as a foreign language. The exams look to help students communicate in Chinese in their daily lives, study and work. The results can be used as a reference for diverse purposes such as studying in China, accessing vocational hiring or promotion, and applying for scholarships. In order to meet the demand of the test takers and address test-related doubts, Chinese Testing International (CTI) has started providing Enquiry on Result services since October 1, 2015.

1. EOR items and fees

 1) EOR items cover four kinds of test: HSK, HSKK, BCT and YCT. Test takers may apply for EOR for individual parts (such as listening, reading, writing) or the whole questionnaire at their personal request.

 2) There are EOR for individual parts and the whole questionnaire, charging 150 yuan/time for the former and 300 yuan/time for the latter.

 3) There is only a whole questionnaire EOR for oral examinations, with a cost of 200 yuan/time.

 4) The score report mailing cost shall be paid together with the EOR fee. Mailing cost is 22 yuan for applicants from Mainland China, while that for applicants from overseas regions depends on the local tariff standard. If the EOR awards the test taker a higher score, the mailing cost will be refunded together with the EOR fee. If the EOR leaves unchanged or lowers the score, the mailing fee is charged for returning the score report.

2. Time Limit and Measure for EOR Application
  1) The time limit for EOR application shall be 30 days after the announcement of the test results. Candidates can apply by logging on to the personal center of Chinese test service website. EOR application cannot be canceled and EOR items cannot be modified once submitted successfully. During the EOR period, the test taker’s scores will be suspended; thus they cannot be used for academic, work, or scholarship applications. Test takers cannot check the results online or apply for additional performance reports during this period.

  2) Test takers who submit their application should meanwhile mail (EMS/DHL only) the original score report to CTI, and fill the waybill number in the application. Applications that fail to provide original score reports or do this later than the application deadline will be considered invalid and inadmissible. The mailing address is as follows:
       Recipient: Examination Department, CTI
         Address: 17th floor, Block B, Desheng International Center, No. 83 Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
        Zip code: 100088
                 Tel: +86 (0) 10 59307576, +86 (0) 10 59307635

  3) Each test taker is entitled to apply for EOR for only once.

3. Application Process
Logging on to Personal Center of the Chinese Test Service Website ( for online EOR application with procedures shown as belows:
Registered users-Log on to the Chinese Test Service Website-Personal Information Center-Apply for EOR-Fill in application information-choose items for EOR-online payment-Fill in waybill number-Wait for EOR result-Notice of EOR result-Grade report returned

Unregistered users-Log on to the Chinese Test Service Website-Registration-Personal Information Center-Apply for EOR-Fill in application information-choose items for EOR-online payment-Fill in waybill number-Wait for EOR result-Notice of EOR result-Grade report returned

4. EOR Process
  1) After successfully making the online payment and sending the original score report, the test taker will receive a system mail indicating a successful application and receive the EOR result after 30 working days from the date that the original score report was received.

  2) The EOR is conducted only on weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. The time limit will be postponed in the event of a public holiday.

5. EOR results
  1) There are two types of EOR results: one is higher scores than the original; the other is unchanged or lower scores than the original.

  2) In case of higher scores, the CTI will issue a new score report and a notice of EOR result, and send the new score report by EMS / DHL within 5 working days after its issuance. EOR fees as well as mailing cost paid by the test takers in advance will be returned within 30 working days after the announcement of the EOR results.

  3) In case of unchanged or lower scores, the CTI will return the original score report, issue an EOR notice and send it to the test takers by EMS / DHL. The EOR fee and mailing fee will not be refunded.

6. Payment Method
  1) Applicants are required to pay the application fee and mailing fee in advance (please refer to the mailing fee for additional score report application)

  2) Test takers who apply for EOR shall make an online payment via a UnionPay account.

7. EOR Result Inquiry
  1) Test takers can log on the Personal Center of at any time to check the service status, EOR results, new grade and waybill number. Please note that the mailed final score report prevails while the site information is for reference only.

  2) The system will notify the test takers by e-mail at the time when service begins, EOR result is issued and fees are refunded in case of higher scores.

8. Link for EOR Application
   EOR Application
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